The March to War is the tenth song on Primo Victoria album by Sabaton.


Pär: "Damn. I have goosebumps from this song. Everyone who have seen a Sabaton concert knows how it starts. I always loved the way the band Kiss starts a concert. "-Alright xxxx, you wanted the best, you got the best!" And I love the idea that the fans get a song they know that kickstarts the concert and when I first heard this song I immediately felt that it was THIS song. We have sometimes had ideas of making this into a full song since it is damn good but I still believe that it should still be the intro."[1]


  • Instrumental
  • It was used as a concert intro from 2007 to 2018. From "The Great Tour" in 2019, it was replaced with the Soundtrack Version of In Flanders Fields followed by an orchestral version of Ghost Division.


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