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The Last Stand is Sabaton's eighth studio album. It was released on 19th August 2016.


  • At first, the band planned to make the album about something else, but they changed it a month before the production for the album started.
  • The album was announced 4 months before its release date (16.04.2016).[1]
  • It's the second and the last album with Thobbe Englund.
  • Thobbe Englund's departure from the band was announced on 25.07.2016, roughly one month before the album's release. It was due to him wanting a stiller life without touring too much and to further pursue solo career. He performed on the band's festival cycle, and played his last concert on 20.08.2016 during Sabaton Open Air (which was also The Last Stand's release party) , where Tommy Johansson was revealed to be his replacement.
  • The album's first single, tracklist, preorder and available editions were revealed 10.06.2016.[2]
  • After one week, the album entered the #1 charts in #1 Czechia, Finland and Sweden, #2 in Germany, #4 in Belgium, #11 in Netherlands nad Norway, #15 in Hungary, #17 in the UK #29 in Australia and #92 in Ireland.
  • In September 2016 the album placed #6 on worldwide charts.


On why the album was dedicated to various last stands:

Pär: "The lyrical themes, we had the idea of doing something different, but we changed to “The Last Stand” because it felt very good.  It felt like a good follow up to Heroes. It’s kind of similar and yet you can link Heroes through alot of these themes and it’s great stories.  Some of these we knew from the beginning like, ok this is a perfect theme definitely it’s going to be there.  But some were like, oh what did we find here. Alot of research behind some of the songs and some of them didn’t need any.  Like the first song Sparta was just like alright this is easy, that’s THE last stand."

The band about "The Last Stand":

Pär: We have done a majestic record and we couldn't be happier with it. Is »The Last Stand« SABATON's strongest album to date? Well, time will tell us that, but one thing is 100 % guaranteed: on the record, there are lots of songs that will go down in SABATON's own hall of fame."[3]

Joakim: "»The Last Stand« contains all the elements that our fans could ask for. The new record tells a victorious tale of SABATON in 2016, and even further. Lots of fresh ideas and unprecedented magic can be heard on these new tunes - for example, check out bagpipe and Hammond driven major key song 'Blood of Bannockburn'. We have never done anything like that before."[4]


  1. Sparta - 04:45
  2. Last Dying Breath - 03:26
  3. Blood of Bannockburn - 02:57
  4. Diary of an Unknown Soldier - 00:52
  5. The Lost Battalion - 03:40
  6. Rorke's Drift - 03:29
  7. The Last Stand - 03:59
  8. Hill 3234 - 03:31
  9. Shiroyama - 03:36
  10. Winged Hussars - 03:54
  11. The Last Battle - 03:12

Bonus tracks:

  1. Camouflage (Stan Ridgeway cover) - 03:56
  2. All Guns Blazing (Judas Priest cover) - 03:59
  3. Afraid to Shoot Strangers (Iron Maiden cover) - 7:28 (Earbook exclusive)

Japanese exclusive track:

  1. Burn in in Hell (Twisted Sister cover) 4:25

Bonus CD/DVD – Live @ Stereolux, Nantes (France) (Digipak and Earbook only)

  1. The March To War
  2. Ghost Division
  3. Far from the Fame
  4. Uprising
  5. Midway
  6. Gott Mit Uns
  7. Resist and Bite
  8. Wolfpack
  9. Dominium Maris Baltici
  10. Carolus Rex
  11. Swedish Pagans
  12. Soldier of 3 Armies
  13. Attero Dominatus
  14. The Art of War
  15. Wind of Change (Scorpions cover)
  16. To Hell and Back
  17. Night Witches
  18. Primo Victoria
  19. Metal Crüe



  • Digital
  • CD
  • CD + DVD - DIGI (incl. live DVD)
  • 2LP (black, clear, gold, yellow/blue)
  • Box (incl. Earbook, 2LP PIC, 12″ photo card, 12″ poster, three plectra)
  • Special Edition (SABATON tank + box)