The Beast is the fourteenth song on the Primo Victoria album by Sabaton.


  • The song comes from the Metalizer album session.
  • The band's first record label, Underground Symphony wanted the band to record some cover songs for the Metalizer album.
  • The band lost the original recording of the song before they added any vocals.
  • The vocals were added after the band found the song in their archives.
  • The song was released as a bonus track on Primo Victoria (Re-Armed) in 2010.


Pär: "During our studio sessions, we sometimes recorded songs that were never on any albums, [and] this (Primo Victoria (Re-Armed -ed.note) includes the song 'The Beast' by Twisted Sister."[1]

Pär: "Our first record label, Underground Symphony, asked us to record 2-3 cover songs when we made the album Metalizer. Jawbreaker by Judas Priest was one, and The Beast were the other. Actually we planned to make the song Russian Lullaby with E-Type as the third, but we never made it. The interesting thing is that we lost the recording of The Beast and I have never heard it since before there were even guitars and we never recorded any vocals in the studio session of Metalizer. I think it was due to lack of time. Strange, since it took 5 years until the album came out. Now we found the recording and just added vocals, and since we love Twisted Sister and this was one of the songs all of us in the band loved, we decied that The Beast it is!"[2]


You can hear the thunder
Long before the storm
But you can’t hear the lion when he stalks his prey
He’s moving like a shadow
Creeping up on you
And like a siren’s call he’s gonna have his way
You’d better run, forget your pride
Don’t make a stand, just step aside
If you don’t have what it takes
Don’t try to play you’ll lose your stakes
Remember this at least

It’s the nature of the beast
It’s the nature of the beast

You won’t hear a footstep
Comin’ up on you
Movin’ like a snake he’s in complete control
This killer knows his business
He is the predator
You are his only target, you’re his only goal
What will you say what will you do?
Your wildest nightmare’s comin’ true
There is nothing you can say
No way to change, he won’t delay
This cain will have his feast

It’s the nature of the beast
It’s the nature of the beast

If you play you’re bound to lose
Don’t roll the dice, don’t turn the screws
Just listen to the priest

It’s the nature of the beast
It’s the nature of the beast
It’s the nature of the beast
It’s the nature of the beast


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