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"Swedish Empire Live" is second live album by Sabaton and first live DVD release. It was released in 23 September 2013 through Nuclear Blast.

Track listing

Disc 1:

Woodstock Festival (recorded on the 4th of august 2012):

  1. The March to War
  2. Ghost Division
  3. Uprising
  4. Gott mit uns (English version)
  5. Cliffs of Gallipoli
  6. The Lion from the North
  7. The Price of a Mile
  8. Into the Fire
  9. Carolus Rex (English version)
  10. Midway
  11. White Death
  12. Attero Dominatus
  13. The Art of War
  14. Primo Victoria
  15. 40:1
  16. Metal Crüe
  17. Panzer Battalion

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