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Pär Sundström is the bass player and manager of Sabaton. He has been in band since it was formed in 1999.


Before starting the band, he was a lot into computers, computer gaming. He admitted that he had a good feeling about the computers. "(...) They were kind of speaking to me in a language that I could understand and I really enjoyed when there were problems involving into them and there was problem solving."[1] He used to follow the development of the Internet and the new technologies. At the age of 13 he was able to build servers and connect them to the Internet. With the passing of time he could also design his own software[2].

When Pär got introduced to heavy metal and its lifestyle and watched rock documentaries things changed very quickly for him. He realized that he wanted to become a metal musician, he wanted to be in a band and go on tour. "(...) I want the energy, I want to feel the crowd every night."[3]

In the meantime, Pär was introduced to the bass guitar. It was the first instrument he learned to play. It can be assumed that the choice was accidental and the story behind it starts in Pär's school years. One of his schoolmates offered himself as a bass teacher and this is where Pär's passion for playing bass has it's roots[4]. He never played any other instrument.

In his youth, Sundström played in black and death metal bands[5].


He has Van Halen logo tattooed on his left calf. Even though he finds the band great, it wasn't the result of his admiration towards them - it was the result of a lost bet[6]. He had this tatoo done in Greece, 2017, during The Last Tour.


Pär Sundström formed Sabaton with Joakim Brodén in 1999. Initially the band was found as Aeon, but was soon renamed. He and Brodén are the only two remaining founding members still in the band.

Before Sabaton became a professional band, Sundström had a well-paid job as manager of a large company[7]. He gave it up for the dream of becoming a professional musician.

Pär's job has not only been to play bass. He is also the manager and author of many of the group's lyrics. He commented on his role for Sabaton: "I do not practice a lot. I make sure I know all the Sabaton tunes but thats about it. My job is not just to play bass. I do a lot of stuff that is necessary for the band as manager."[8] His management office for Sabaton is located in his hometown, Falun.