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No Bullets Fly is the second song on the Heroes album by Sabaton.


  • The band had the music ready for the song, but they didn't have any lyrics. They typed "Heroes" on the internet.[1] Pär found a painting of the Stigler-Brown incident which is on the cover of a book "A Higher Call: An Incredible True Story of Combat and Chivalry in the War-Torn Skies of World War II" by Adam Makos and Larry Alexander.[2]
  • A grandson of Franz Stigler is a Sabaton fan, he told his mother (Franz's daughter) about the song; the band met with the family in Vancouver when they were touring with Heroes album in 2015.[3]
  • In one of the interviews, Pär said that at some point there are three guitars together playing in the song and that Joakim will soon be the band's third guitarist. "Stop the limitations! We want to give our best for our fans!".[4] While this song wasn't a frequent in the band's live set, Joakim plays the third guitar in Resist and Bite live.


Pär: "For Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler's story, "No Bullets Fly," we were left with the music but no lyrics. So we went on the internet and typed in "Heroes". We found this story, because in the United States, somebody had just written a book about it."[5]

Pär: "There is an anecdote around this song... After the war, Franz Stigler moved to Canada where he lived for the rest of his life. However, one of his grandchildren, a Sabaton fan from Canada, pre-ordered the album and discovered that his favourite band had written a song about his grandfather! He showed it to his mother, who wrote me an e-mail, we kept in touch and when we went to Vancouver, the whole family came to the concert and I met them. It was fantastic! I think it proves that our songs mean something." [6]

Pär: "(...) the whole family were big fans and they came to our show and they showed us pictures and it was very interesting and to connect to somebody that is so close to someone we are singing about. It puts a lot of meaning to our songs."[7]

Historic fact

The story of Franz Stigler, a German pilot who risked his life in three different ways when he was ordered to chase and shoot down an American B17 bomber, piloted by 2nd Lt. Charlie Brown, returning from a successful air raid. When he came close enough he realised that the bomber had been severely damaged by anti aircraft fire during the raid and then he decided to escort it out of harms way instead of shooting it down. In doing this he risked both being court martialed, which most likely would have led to execution, and being shot down by the gunners of the B17 as well as being targeted by friendly anti aircraft fire.[8]


  • Played live 16 times, mainly on the festival leg of Heroes on Tour in 2015.


From down below an enemy spotted
So hurry up, rearm and refuel
But through the bomber’s damaged airframe
See wounded men, scared to their bone

Look to the right and then look again
And see the enemy in the eye
No bullets fly, spared by his mercy
Escorted out, out of harms way

Fly, fighting fair, it's the code of the air
Brothers, heroes, foes

Killing machine
Honour in the skies
Flying home
Killing machine
Said goodbye to the cross he deserved

He risked his life two times that day
To save an unknown enemy
Escort to safety, out of the killzone
A short salute, then departed

Official video


SABATON - No Bullets Fly (Animated Story Video)

The video was produced by Yarnhub, who also produced Sabaton's animated story video for Night Witches.

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No Bullets Fly – Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler – Sabaton History 016 -Official-