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File:2007 - Masters Of The World (Single) 01.jpgFile:40-1-unreleased.jpgFile:40-1.png
File:40-1 single.jpgFile:40 1 – The Battle of Wizna – Sabaton History 001 OfficialFile:A Lifetime of War – Thirty Years War – Sabaton History 031 Official
File:Atterodominatus.jpgFile:Back in Control – The Falklands War – Sabaton History 055 -Official-File:Bismarck.jpg
File:Carolus Rex.jpgFile:Cliffs-of-gallipoli-single.jpgFile:Cliffs of Gallipoli Part 1 – The Great War – Sabaton History 032 -Official-
File:Cliffs of Gallipoli Part 2 – The Great War – Sabaton History 033 -Official-File:Coa.jpgFile:Coare.jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:Feature.pngFile:Forum new.gif
File:Gott Mit Uns – The Thirty Years War – Sabaton History 021 -Official-File:Hammerus.jpgFile:Heroes.jpg
File:Metalizer.jpgFile:Metalizerearmed.jpgFile:Night witches by irondragonbrigade-d81ubr1.png.jpg
File:Normandyprimovictoria.jpgFile:Nuclearattack.pngFile:Panzer battalion demo.jpg
File:Panzerkampf – The Battle of Kursk – Sabaton History 003 OfficialFile:Par.jpgFile:Placeholder item.png
File:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.png
File:Poltava – The Great Northern War – Sabaton History 057 -Official-File:Primo Victoria.jpgFile:Primorearmed.jpg
File:Pv.pngFile:Pär.jpgFile:SABATON - 40 1 (Official Fan Made Video)
File:SABATON - 40 1 (Official Music Video)File:SABATON - 40 1 (Official Music Video)-0File:SABATON - 40 1 Live in Poland 2010 (OFFICIAL LIVE)
File:SABATON - A Lifetime Of War (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)File:SABATON - Angels Calling feat. Apocalyptica (Official Music Video)File:SABATON - Angels Calling feat. Apocalyptica (Official Music Video)-0
File:SABATON - Bismarck (Official Music Video)File:SABATON - Cliffs Of Gallipoli (Official Music Video)File:SABATON - Coat of Arms (Official Music Video)
File:SABATON - En Livstid I Krig (Official album track from Carolus Rex)File:SABATON - Primo Victoria (Official Music Video)File:SABATON - Screaming Eagles (Official Music Video)
File:SABATON - The Lion From The North (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)File:SABATON - Uprising (Official Music Video)File:SABATON - WWT 19 Auschwitz Birkenau (OFFICIAL BEHIND THE SCENES)
File:Sabaton.worldwarlive.jpgFile:Sabaton - Aces in ExileFile:Sabaton - Coat of Arms (Animated)
File:Sabaton - Counterstrike (Unofficial Video)File:Sabatonfist.jpgFile:Sabatonphoto.jpg
File:Se.jpgFile:Swedishempirelive.jpgFile:Talvisota – The Winter War – Sabaton History 006 -Official-
File:Taow limited.jpgFile:The Great War.jpgFile:The last stand.jpg
File:Uprising.pngFile:Wehrmacht – The German Army 1935-1945 – Sabaton History 052 OfficialFile:White Death – Finnish Sniper Simo Häyhä – Sabaton History 028 -Official-
File:Wiki.pngFile:Wolfpack.pngFile:Wolfpack – German U-boat Tactics – Sabaton History 054 Official
File:Wolfpack – German U-boat Tactics – Sabaton History 054 Official-0File:Wolfpack – German U-boat Tactics – Sabaton History 054 Official-1File:Wolfpack – German U-boat Tactics – Sabaton History 054 Official-2
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