Light In The Black is the eighth song on Attero Dominatus album by Sabaton.


  • The first verse of the song isn't sung on the song, but fits the lead guitar melody that opens the song.
  • Played live from 2006 to 2009.
  • Professional recording of the song can be found on World War Live: Battle of the Baltic Sea bonus DVD Live At Rockstad: Falun 2008 and Wacken 2008.


Joakim: "We try to be storytellers, not propaganda. (...) For the most part, we only tell stories. (...) On the new album it is "Light In The Black", which is dedicated to all soldiers in the world. (...) could be interpreted as propaganda." [1]

Historic fact

About Peacekeeping forces in general. (Text credits: Gregory Sandoz)[2]


A cry for help, a distant whisper
A foreign nation calling our name
Sent to hell, to reach for heaven
To serve in dark, as light in the black

Sent into battle to aid strangers in need
Gain independence, our forces will lead
Final solution when all others have failed
Liberation is coming our path has been laid

We remember the fields, where our tanks held the line
We remember our brothers in arms

When the war, has been won
And our march home begins
What awaits has not yet been revealed
What was won? what was lost?
Will our deeds be remembered?
Are they written on stone or in sand?

Marching ashore, our target awaits
Facing resistance, forces driven by hate
Protecting civilians, while fired upon
Rules of engagement, our restrictions are gone

We remember the sea, where our ships broke the waves
We remember our brothers in arms

Leaving home, set to sea
Was this really meant to be?
See the shore of our home fade away
Facing blood, facing pain
Have our brothers died in vain?
Many lives has been lost on the way


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