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Fist For Fight is the first official release by Sabaton. It was self-released by the band in 2001. Sometimes indicated as the band's first album, it's actually a compilation of demo recordings from 2000-2001.


  • Recorded in Abyss Studios and Moon Music Studios by Tommy Tägtgren and Mats Brännlund.
  • Rest of the songs recorded in Abyss Studios, spring 2001.
  • The first edition is allegedly made in 600 copies.
  • The compilation was re-released in 2002 by Underground Symphony and was limited to 3000 copies[1]. It featured album cover by fantasy artist Ken Kelly, who among others made album covers for Manowar, KISS and Rainbow.
  • The band didn't really like the cover for the 2002 re-release. Joakim: "(...) the record company didn't think it (the original one - ed. note) was good enough. A friend of ours did the cover and we really like it. The newer cover is of course damn nice, but I also think the old one is cooler."[2] Pär: "The old one was better".[3]
  • The compilation was included as a bonus disc on Metalizer album, and it featured Birds of War recorded at Studio Moon Music, 18-19/02/2000 which previously appeared on 2000 Demo.

Lyrical themes

Written before Sabaton adopted the theme of war, the lyrics for this album deal with more typical “metal” themes ranging from "The Lord of the Rings" (Shadows) to the band’s love of metal and its fans (Metalizer, Masters of the World).

Track listing

  1. Introduction – 00:53
  2. Hellrider – 03:45
  3. Endless Nights – 04:48
  4. Metalizer – 04:42
  5. Burn Your Crosses – 05:27
  6. The Hammer Has Fallen – 05:46
  7. Hail to the King – 04:09
  8. Shadows – 03:32
  9. Thunderstorm – 03:07
  10. Masters of the World – 03:57
  11. Guten Nacht (Instrumental) – 01:11


  • Pär Sundström - Bass
  • Joakim Brodén - Vocals, Keyboards
  • Rikard Sundén - Guitars
  • Oskar Montelius - Guitars
  • Daniel Mullback - Drums
  • Richard Larsson - Drums



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