Dead Soldier's Waltz is the twelfth song on Primo Victoria album by Sabaton.


Pär: "Originally made for "our" hockeyteam Leksands IF as their introduction, we found it too good now to use ourselves, so we started to play it as the ending of the concerts. Before we started to use this one we played different songs after the shows. Now it's kinda meant that everyone should know that when this song starts, it's time to go home! (Or to the afterparty!)"[1]


  • In 2008, the band was asked to make an official intro song for the swedish icehockey team Leksands IF.[2] It included the bridge from Panzerkampf, sung in Swedish about the team.
  • The version with Swedish lyrics was used as the band's concert outro until 2011.
  • The version on the Re-Armed edition doesn't include the swedish-sung bridge about Leksands IF.
  • The Re-Armed version is used as the band's concert outro since 2012.


Åh Leksands IF – blåvita lag
Kämpa för skölden – stark är vår sak
Åh Leksands IF – blåvita lag
Stor är vår seger, när slaget är klart


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