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Attero Dominatus is the first song on Attero Dominatus album by Sabaton.


  • It was the first song that Tommy Johansson started to learn properly how to play when he joined the band.[1]
  • It's one of Tommy's favorite Sabaton songs from the old days.[2]

Historic fact

The Battle of Berlin 16th April – 2nd May 1945, marked the end of World War II. 16 April, the Soviets released a spectacular barrage of artillery into the heart of Berlin while its armies surrounded the city from the north, east, and south. The Allies advance from the west and hold position some 100 km (60 miles) outside of Berlin in an effort to reduce friendly crossfire with the Soviets. 20 April, Hitler’s birthday, a couple hours before mid-day, the Allies make a special effort to bomb the city with almost a thousand bombers for two hours. 21 April, Soviet Field Marshall Zhukov and his 1st Belorussian army overrun the German lines and break into Berlin from the North. 30 April, The Red Army captures the Reichstag while Hitler commits suicide after ordering his body incinerated to avoid capture and humiliation. 1 May, Berlin formally and unconditionally surrenders to the Soviets and Allies. 2 May, The fall of Berlin is complete, the war in Europe officially ends. Denique Interimo (Finally Crushed) [Fan generated content by: Joe Arino][3]


Berlin is burning
The reich has fallen

We stand at the gates of Berlin
With two and a half million men
With six thousand tanks in our ranks
Use them as battering rams

Artillery leading our way
A million grenades has been launched
The nazis must pay for their crimes
The wings of the eagle has been broken

Marshall Zhukov’s orders:
Serve me Berlin on a plate!
Disregard the losses
The city is ours to take

The price of a war must be payed
Millions of lives has been lost
The price must be paid by the men
That started the war in the 30’s

The spring of the year 45′
The year when the nazis will fall
We’re inside the gates of Berlin
The beak of the eagle is broken

Comrade Stalins orders:
Serve me it’s head on a plate
Disregard the losses
The eagle’s land is ours to take

In Berlin!