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40:1 is the second and the last single from the The Art of War album by Sabaton. It was released 5th August 2013.


  • Released exclusively in Poland.
  • Released as digipak.
  • Limited to 2000 copies.[1]
  • Sabaton gave the rights to the Polish Version of "40:1" to Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.[2]
  • The single was available to purchase at Woodstock Festival from 1st of August 2013, retail sale began on the 5th of August.
  • All profit from the sales of the single was donated to Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.[3]
  • Polish Version of 40:1 was recorded in September 2011, in MP Studio, Częstochowa, Poland.[4]
  • Polish lyrics were written by Bart Gabriel.[5]
  • Polish Version of 40:1 features guest vocals from:
    • Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek (Vader)
    • Marta Gabriel (Crystal Viper)
    • Konrad Ramotowski (Hate, Kriegsmaschine)
    • Tomasz Struszczyk (Turbo)
  • Daniel Mullback said that Adam from Hate recorded vocals for the song, and that he also wanted Nergal from Behemoth to be featured in the Polish version.[6]


  1. 40:1 (Polish Version)
  2. 40:1 (Original Version)


"Some time ago we recorded the Polish version of the song "40:1" with several friends from Polish bands. It was an exciting experience, and then we decided to give the rights to this song to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, which will soon release it officially."[7]

Mullback: "We've been thinking about it (recording the Polish version - ed. note) for some time, but we didn't have a chance before. It's interesting to listen to Joakim singing in Polish. We will have help from invited guests. Among other musicians, we'll have help from Hate and Vader."[8]

Pär: "Oh yes it was a real challenge - I could sum up in a nutshell. Although our vocalist Joakim speaks a little Czech, thanks to this he understands Polish slightly, but in general Polish turned out to be a completely new language for us..."[9]


  • Sabaton planned to record "40:1" in Polish at least since July 2008.[10]
  • The band planned to release 40:1 single somwhere in 2008/2009, judging by the The Art of War frame present on the single cover.
  • The single was cancelled because Joakim was unable sing the whole song in Polish.[11]
  • The Polish flag on the unreleased single cover is incorrect. The single cover used flag with coat of arms, which is only used as ensign by the Polish Navy. Using this flag, one is actually informing that is a ship of the Polish Navy, thus the use of the flag is wrong.


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