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3-Track Demo is Sabaton's demo from 2004.


The band produced this demo and sent 15 copies to various record labels in search of a record deal for their debut album Primo Victoria.


Pär: "I remember when we had recorded this one (Panzer Battalion) and I made the graphical layout for the demo bearing the song title. The 3-Track Demo with Panzer Battalion, Primo Victoria (which we called Overlord at this time) and finally Nightchild, we sent out to about 15 record labels. I got one copy in return since one of the companies did not exist anymore. I remember people told us to send hundreds of demos away, but we only focused on the few labels we really wanted.

We got one reply from a record label with this demo.

"- Hi, I am calling from a big record label, sign my piece of paper and you will be rock stars."

I thought "yeah, right", and signed nothing... And look what happened.

If I did not had received the undelivered one in return, this demo would have been lost forever. A bit ironic is that it probably lies one of these 15 copies somewhere stashed away in Nuclear Blast archives. Some years later, they actually release the demo they once declined..."[1]

Track listing

  1. Panzer Battalion - 5:01
  2. Overlord - 4:11
  3. Nightchild - 5:12


  1. Metalizer (Re-Armed) booklet